Food diaries – Haos, Gdynia

Walking through Srodmiescie in the beautiful city called Gdynia you might have stumbled upon a tucked away restaurant called Haos. There is a slight chance that you haven’t realised that it is called Haos as the design of the logo makes it quite hard to decipher the name itself. The place is situated on Starowiejska street among many more restaurants such as Enoki, which is said to be one of the best places to get ramen from. For now I can neither deny or confirm that statement as I haven’t yet had the pleasure of dining in that tiny restaurant. Whatever they’re cooking in there – it does smell amazing.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7

My plan was to visit Enoki, however there was no free tables so I decided to go back to a place that caught my eye just a couple of blocks away. The interior of Haos is beautiful, that’s for sure, even though the bright red lightning can get a little bit much after a while of being sat inside. We were politely greeted by one of the waitresses and promptly sat at a table. I have to admit that the flowers hanging off the ceiling, neon lights here and there and the pictures on cork boards create a lovely atmosphere. It feels like being sat at a street food restaurant in Asia.;aggregationId=101&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=262654038

The restaurant has no allergen menu but so far no place in Poland which I have visited had an allergen menu… So it would be a surprise if such a menu would exist within an establishment really. Starters range in price from 12 zl to 22 zl the most expensive option being tempura shrimps. We decided to go for a beef ramen and a portion of kung fu shrimps. For two main courses and two non-alcoholic drinks (aloe vera and a coke) we paid 98 zlotys which is quite an average price for a meal out in Poland. There is quite a bit of places that offer more affordable options, however considering the fact that Haos is an Asian food restaurant I think 98zl is not too bad.

Unfortunately the meal itself was not great. The beef in ramen was overcooked, hard to chew and the soup itself was lukewarm. The portion was not what we expected either but to be fair we are the ones to blame here as one should never have any expectations to avoid disappointment when it comes to the portion sizes. The shrimps were okay, some had bits of shell still left on so it was sort of a lottery. The jasmine rice was fine, it is hard to mess it up. I have no idea why it says on the menu that the dish comes with corn as I couldn’t see any on my plate, pak choi was nice and crunchy, asparagus was falling apart as it was overcooked. Overall the meal technically should be worth 98zl, the quality unfortunately made me regret paying this much for it.

Service in the restaurant was good. The waitress having noticed that my partner speaks english offered him a menu in english and spoke english when taking the order. Even though the restaurant was not particularly busy that day there was no check back only after we put the dishes to the side we were asked in polish if everything was alright as we haven’t finished our meals. Even though the initial service was perfect the entire experience was lacking the interaction between the staff and customer I grew so used to in the UK. This, however, is another kettle of fish which deserves its very own post.

If you are in Gdynia and you’re looking for a spot which serves Asian cuisine this is a spot that does exactly that. Does it do it well? I’d give it a strong 5 out of 10 but opinions vary so… try out for yourself and let me know, maybe I just ordered a dish that is not one of their strongest points.

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