Changing the sky in photoshop

I have finally purchased a Card Reader. This is quite an achievement I have to say as I have been putting this off for as long as I can remember. Thousands of pictures from Bangkok, Hanoi, Saigon, Ha Long Bay, London, Berlin, Wrocław, Gdynia and Gdańsk have been left on my camera waiting for me to finally press “buy” on my phone screen. This day has come. Now, I am a proud owner of a lovely card reader/adapter and I can finally post pictures I have been looking through for the past four years.

The very first picture is one of my absolute favorites taken back in 2016 in London. The picture itself did not need much work in Photoshop. I might be biased but there is not many angles that do not work for this particular building in London.

What I did decide to do apart from a basic enhancement was changing the sky. It is super easy in Photoshop and takes no time at all! I wanted the picture to look slightly more dramatic and one quick change helped me achieve this goal! Hope you like the final outcome.

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