15 minute reddit edit – american gothic

I found myself today scrolling through the black hole also called Reddit. I have to admit that the site has a lot to offer, a lot of things that will occupy you for hours. It’s a trap, like TikTok or Twitter. Once you start scrolling you seem to have lost somewhere three hours of your life which you will never get back. The entire process also gave me a brilliant and surely very unoriginal idea. I shall start a new series within my portfolio. The said series have already got a name – 15 minute Reddit Edit. I am going to spend my extremely valuable time looking for people who would like to get their picture edited in one way or another then do a quick brain storm, download some extra images if needed and then give myself 15 minutes to edit. For the very first shot I decided to go with the American Gothic request. Enjoy.

Images used:

Final outcome:

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