The Parisian ice-capped mountains through Choupette’s eyes

Dear Dahhhlings, as of now I am ready to put my best paw forward having wiped my tears and slowly finding my voice again. March 5th 2019 marked an end of an era and a beginning of the beat going on and to be carried by whoever’s paw going to step on the spotlight. I have been thoroughly impressed with the latest and sadly the very last Gesamtkunstwerk of my Daddy, Karl Lagerfeld. The winter wonderland created for the fall/winter Chanel show was truly exquisite. Sadly, it was a bit too cold even for my liking. My cold heart warms thinking about the scenery created for Daddy’s show. Snow topped chalets and trees, ice-capped mountains changed the Grand Palais into a pure purrrfection when it comes to the background for the story created by Daddy. The collection narrated a story through featuring characters wearing clothing with both feminine and masculine elements to it. It was not simply a fashion show it was an ode to the beauty, a love song to shapes and textures featuring dramatic capes and romantic dresses. As per usual Daddy’s taste in the purrre beauty has not disappointed my liking. It was a tribute to equality, the principle Daddy believed in. Pawmpered models, beautifully dressed walking for the last time for Karl in a dream-like scenery warmed my cold and mourning heart. Of course, it would have been more spectacular with the appearance of the favourite model and the main muse for Daddy’s creations, et moi. However, I decided to rest my paws for that hard for me time. Their steps echoed to the rhythm of David Bowie’s Heroes and the standing ovation from the audience which was tearful and heartfelt. The show marks an end to the era of Karl’s reign at the Chanel fashion house, His voice rang out for the last time in the very beginning of the show and we paid respects with a minute of silence before the beat went on again for the Virginie Viard to carry on and interpret the melody her own way.

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