Tweeting Twitter

Hello and welcome people of the internet! Many things keep happening and the world never sleeps, neither do I apparently! Due to my recently developed fascination with Twitter I have decided to start a series in which I shall be talking about the trending hashtags on the beloved app with the white bird on a blue background.

59.3K Tweets in UK – #Covid-22 – according to Inside Paper it could be more deadly than Delta variant, in the article published by IP it is said that vaccinations may no longer be the thing we rely on facing another strain of the coronavirus. Among the Top Tweets we can see lots of people expressing surprise that even though Covid-22 is trending there are still people out there who do not want to get vaccinated.

2,753 Tweets in Australia – #GladysResign – Who is Gladys you may ask? Her Twitter handle reads “Premier of NSW and Member of Willoughby”, seeing just a few Tweets it is clear that the people of Twitter are hashtag mad and hashtag unimpressed with how the COVID-19 situation has been handled in Australia. People accuse Gladys of being a #superspreader with many tweets talking about how she mismanaged the COVID-19 outbreak in NSW.

Trending in Finland – #nhlfi – even though most of the tweets are in a language which I absolutely do not understand it is quite clear that all of the most recent tweets are about Jimmy Hayes, former NHL player who died aged 31. Truly saddening news, all the love to his family and friends.

54.4K Tweets in Afghanistan – #Panjshir – When it comes to news from Afghanistan there are lots of materials, however it is quite tricky to select the ones which are free from bias. Let’s look at the facts – what can we see on Twitter when looking at the #Panjshir? Three hours away from Kabul anti-Taliban resistance fighters play volleyball (@BBCYaldaHakim), @PanjshirProvince tweeted that they are ready to fight for their freedom with a picture of people handing guns and rifles (I am not the best when it comes to this kind of stuff). What is clear? Panjshir valley needs defending and there are people who are happy to do that, Taliban does not think this is needed. Make out what you will of this whole situation.

175K Tweets in Canada – #ProudBoys – so for the people who have no idea who the Proud Boys are – a far-right extremist, neo-fascist, and exclusively male organization that promotes and engages in political violence in the United States (Wikipedia). The leader, Enrique Tarrio has been sentenced to six months in jail. The leader burned Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black church and he also brought two high-capacity ammunition magazines to Washington, DC.

Trending in Germany – #Tagesthemen – it is the name of one of Germany’s main daily television news magazines. In the latest tweets we can see people discussing the situation of women in Afghanistan and a statement that was made comparing a statement given by a person to a Trump worthy opinion!

Let me know what top Tweets have you noticed and what has recently caught you attention when it comes to some hashtag newsworthy material!

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