Dealing with change

Personally I like change. I also like to think that I am pretty good with dealing with pressure I tend to feel when there is a lot of change in my life. Lately nothing has been the same and I had to readjust to the whole bunch of ‘newness’ in my life. I moved countries, have been experiencing long term effects of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), found out that I am lactose intolerant and have a severe nut allergy and took up even more jobs I can do from home. If someone told me how much would change in the past half a year I would never believe them and yet… here I am.

Change is something that has been in my life for a really long time and I managed to learn how to embrace the change, or even befriend the change. I moved around a lot as a kid and a teenager. The environment I was in would change and in the beginning it was something I didn’t really like. Nowadays I can’t imagine living my life in any other way. You could say that I have very itchy feet.

What are my top tips for dealing with change?

  1. Get out and explore – it does not matter if you moved two blocks away, to another town, country or a continent or maybe, you live in the same place you used to but you changed your workplace. Leave the building, go and explore the surrounding area. The moment you know what is around you you start feeling less alienated and more at home.
  2. Think positive thoughts – even if it seems too hard to do, make yourself see the bright side! We as people can very easily bring the most important person in our lives down (yes, you can bring YOU down, stop it!). Try to find something you like about the new situation you have found yourself in and embrace it. Slowly one positive leads to another.
  3. Stay healthy – when we find ourselves in a new situation or surroundings we often tend to forget about ourselves. We either stop eating properly, stop doing what we used to enjoy or do not sleep enough. All that can cause our mood to drop and therefore it is going to be harder for us to adjust. No matter what is going on – always put yourself first and make sure you do everything you need to do to stay healthy mentally and physically.
  4. Be open and talk to people about your experience – sometimes a situation may seem hard only because we do not know about an easy solution. Chat to your family, friends, people you meet about your experience and maybe it will turn out that something that has been bothering you for some time has an easy fix! Never bottle up how you feel.

Featured image taken by Brad Starkey, UNSPLASH, January 3, 2021, London, Britain

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