Treatz Reading – food diaries

There is no better meal than a dessert! Consuming an ungodly amounts of sweets was one of my superpowers before I ended up developing lactose intolerance… However now I have more time than ever to finally post all of my drafted food places and food recipes reviews that I had on my computer stored for quite some time now.

Let’s start with one of the places I have always had a love-hate relationship.

Treatz in Reading my lovelies! If you are from the UK you surely know the Treatz chain. They have a wide range of delicious options for every dessert lover. In Reading the dessert parlour is situated close to the train station, slightly hidden away from the main buzz of the town centre and yet easy to find and close to every other place you might want to visit when in Reading.

I have tried the specialities offered by Treatz both as take away and dine in options and let me tell you – do not order a take away from Treatz… This should be self explanatory – ice cream, cakes, waffles, pancakes rarely survive the travel from the restaurant to wherever they are going. The additional problem is that Treatz does not really put any effort in making sure that they at least tried to pack the food so that it is not completely turned to mash…

If you are vegan or lactose intolerant – in that big menu you might find maybe three options for you and these are sorbets in forms of ice cream, shakes and that is it. There is no catering to people with allergies so going there as a vegan get ready to be hugely disappointed.

The very last thing which is always very important to me – the service! Each time I visited Treatz the team has been absolutely lovely but as someone who has spent years working in restaurants and pubs I can say that it is very clear to me that none of those people received an appropriate training. There are some employees who are very professional, however it is normal that sometimes you have to wait quite long for someone to come up to you to take your order or if it is your first time visiting Treatz to explain to you how everything works (long story short – order by the counter)…

Overall it is and affordable place where loads of families with children go visit during weekends, kids tend to congregate there after school and I am not surprised, the desserts are absolutely lovely as long as you dine in. Their ice cream is fresh and tasty with a wide range to choose from same with waffles, pancakes and sundaes as long as you don’t have any allergies. Anyone with literally any sort of dietary restrictions – this is not a place for you.

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