Life after uni

I have disappeared for a while. For a long while to be fair and I think I am just about ready to be coming back to the blogging scene. Took me quite a long time, however life after you graduate gets rather messy and time occupying. I moved away from the town where I have spent three of the weirdest and most beuatiful years of my life. At first I was over the moon to move to a place where I can easily get a veggie burger at 3a.m. without even leaving the house but then what I didn’t realise at the time was that there won’t be the people around me I’d get that burger with. Except for my mom who is always up for some fast food during the night if she is still awake.

It has been different. Sometimes I feel like there is nothing left out there apart from work, sleep and maybe MA some time soon-ish. Sometimes it feels like nothing is falling into place even though I know everything takes time and I’m just starting my journey with adulthood. Life may seem like complete crap sometimes. Guess what – it is okay and it is natural to not always be happy with where you are in your life at the moment but it does not mean that nothing is going to change and that is basically it for you. It does not matter if you have just graduated, had three adorable kids or turned sixty. ou are always in the beggining of your journey because there is never too late to put your foot down and change whatever you don’t like about your current situation.

This is the most important thing I have learnt since graduating. I’m still pretty bad at it but, hey, you can’t just learn something and then be immediately good at it, can you? I was talking before about so many plans for my blog and so many ideas I have had while at uni and I haven’t realised any of them. Well guess what – I will do that now. Not all of that and not in this very moment but I am going to improve the content and look of the blog and try to finally keep up with everything on here. I wanted to include other people in the creation of Monyca and Stuff since I feel like even though the name of the blog does exclusively include me as a content creator the most important part of the content coming up to my mind are other people and stuff they go through.

Life gets boring, you start working and sometimes not even in the industry you wanted to work in but life goes on and there are so many oppportunities awaiting. Like finally going back to writing on your blog and creating that cool xoxo thing with your signature by the end of every post.

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