Life through the eyes of a journalism and creative writing student

Being a student is… time-consuming.I rarely do have some time for myself to just sit down and relax but that’s also on me since I’m a workaholic. I study journalism and creative writing and currently, I’m in my third year which so far wasn’t too bad. Of course, there is a lot of material for each module to go through, I have a law exam coming up, I try to make some time between going to work, working on uni projects and working out to get back in shape to get even just half an hour during which I can sit down and do completely nothing. Before I started the third year at uni I decided to be more careful about what I eat, start exercising for an hour every morning (which is super good for your body and wakes you up better than a very strong coffee!),keep up with posting on the blog and finally to slow down a bit (this still hasn’t happened as it is quite hard for a workaholic to feel good when doing nothing aka relaxing but trust me I’m working on it).

For the first time in two weeks, I had a day off and I decided to show you how a typical day off looks like for a journalism and creative writing student. Enjoy!

7:30 am – Rise and shine

Maybe without the shine part as usually the moment the alarm wakes me up all I want to do is throw it out of the nearest window. However, I make myself get up and start the day as early as possible – my goal is to be able to wake up at 7 am and be ready to start the day. Waking up early gives me some extra time to enjoy my simple morning routine. First thing in the morning – I go downstairs to grab a black Americano and start preparing breakfast. It usually takes me up to 30 minutes since at this point of the day I’m still half asleep.

8:30 am – Breakfast time!

This is my favourite part of the morning! I take around 30 minutes, which to me is more than enough, to sit down, enjoy my coffee, eat my breakfast and check Instagram and Twitter as well as skim through BBC News app and read one or two articles on Vice. Even though it is very useful for me to do it as a journalist student so technically it is not a ‘me time’ I really do enjoy this part of the day and I can honestly admit that it is the laziest part of the day for me.

9 am – Workout hour

I’m not that big on exercising, I hate sweating and since I live with other people I also don’t want to disturb them so early in the morning because I decided to do some cardio and the entire house can hear me jump and run around. The best solution for me was taking up yoga which apart from helping me to get back in shape also stretches tensed muscles which is super useful to me after a long evening at work. Also, one of my favourite things to do is an hour of hula hooping – I’ve got one heavier than your ordinary hula hoop,it’s a proper fitness one so, in the beginning, it was quite hard to keep it spinning on my waist, but you can easily get used to it. Also, this gives me an extra hour to read, watch some YouTube videos or a movie. If I’m short on time I use the 8fit app where you can find 9-10 minutes exercises which can burn up to 200kcal!

10 am – skincare routine

Having a clear skin is very important to me so every morning after working out I wash my face and then use a natural tonic I got a few months ago from a local organic shop and a day cream. It’s quick, simple but very effective.

10:30 am – ready to go

If I have a day off I tend to go do my groceries early in the morning and usually since I never know when I’ll be able to do proper food shopping again (I know it sounds terrible but sometimes I’m just so lazy that I end up eating just whatever I get at work – yay working in a restaurant)I grab a lot of veggies and fruit to keep me going for two weeks.

12:00 am – home sweet home

After sorting out my shopping it’s finally time for me to get working on my uni stuff! I light up my favourite candle, grab a snack which usually is just a natural yoghurt with berries, super seed mix, walnuts and raisins, another cup of coffee and I get working.

3:00 pm – Christmas ready?

Around 3 pm I let myself have a quick break to do something else than writing or reading. Today I decided to pack up all the Christmas presents I got so far for the Secret Santa at work and little things for my family. I love getting other people presents and packing them!

4:00 pm – light dinner and some more reading

Usually, I prepare a big dinner for myself during my day off, but I felt especially lazy and on top of that I didn’t want to waste a lot of time cooking when the law book was waiting for me to read it before the exam, so I grabbed healthy sandwiches. I plan to start a food-book series on my blog showing quick, affordable, easy and healthy recipes for students so stay tuned!

And it was time for me to do some reading while enjoying my avocado, cucumber and salmon sandwiches.

8:00 pm – Social media time! Again!

I don’t like working on more academic like projects when it’s dark outside so usually, around 8 pm, I sit down with a fruit and again browse through social media. Later on, I sit down to do some research for my creative writing final project and write a poem or two. I tend to write at least one poem per day – sometimes they’re really bad but it keeps me in the writing mood at all times which is super handy especially on my third year!

Gladly, since it was my day off I got to have an early night and I could get as much sleep as my heart desired for the next day filled with yet again – workouts, writing, reading and this time also working not only on my uni stuff!

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