Waking up at 6:30

I have had a lot of things to do for uni lately because it is my final year and the question that was looming over my head for a very long time was how to somehow stretch out the 24 hours we all have during the day because it simply seemed like not enough. Then I found the waking up at 5a.m. challenge on YouTube and decided to try that but with my own spin. Because I usually finish work around 11p.m. waking up earlier than at 6/7a.m. is just impossible I decided to try the 6:30a.m.

Let me tell you what has changed ever since I started waking up earlier than 9a.m.!

  1. I’m more productive in the morning so I had more time before lectures to prepare and look through the notes from the week ago. This way I had extra hours to exercise in the morning, relax and get stuff done.
  2. I planned out the entire day and managed to stick to it. I’m the kind of person that without a plan I get very easily distracted and lose my drive. Thanks to having some extra time in the morning I could list everything I had to do that day and there is no better feeling than crossing out the point from the list.
  3. Sometimes naps are the only good answer to any question – I had days when I felt super tired mid-day and that’s okay. I know that some people hate naps because they make it harder for them to fall asleep later on but a 20 minute zone-out can sometimes work wonders and bring the life-force right back to you.
  4. Days are actually pretty long – the earlier you wake up the more stuff you get done before the mid-day which makes your days seem longer and you have more time for yourself and self-care!

Of course I still sometimes like to sleep in – who doesn’t like cuddling up in bed and slowly waking up till 10a.m.? But because of the amount of work I had to get done lately I had to change something about my daily habits. Changing your sleeping pattern is not an easy task but it is most certainly doable and the moment your body gets used to it you won’t even need an alarm! Start with baby steps – wake up at 8a.m. maybe even 8:30a.m. and then slowly work your way to the goal-hour.

Good luck!

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