How I got into modeling

This is one of those questions that pops up from time to time and I never really know how to answer. Mainly because the story of me getting into the industry is not a Moss-miracle or a Delevingne-sensation. Probably because I wasn’t discovered, nobody bumped into me blinded by my beauty and skinny ankles or whatever other super skinny body part I posses.

I met my first manager through my mom, yes my very own mother. We went to meet with a bunch of her friends for a brunch. While they were sitting and reminiscing my mom started talking about how back in the days she was working as a model in Japan with one of her friends. I told my mom that I’d love to be able to work and travel and do all the cool stuff she did when she was younger and from then everything went very quickly. She signed us at a local gym and we were going for a quick cardio workout every day in the morning and after my classes, I was not allowed to change my hair colour anymore and after a couple of months I got signed with my very first mother agency.

Not much changed after I got signed – I was still spending half of my time at school and extracurricular lessons and then the other half at the gym. What was the only difference was the fact that I wasn’t at home for at least 4 months each year. First trip was hard. I missed my home and thought about coming back and leaving the world of modeling but thanks to the amazing people I’ve met there I can’t imagine my life without it.

Three more months to go – I’m getting back on track with my diet and exercise and oh god am I ready to get back to my good old life!

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