Things I wish I knew before writing my dissertation

Writing my dissertation was a long process that occupied most of my time and honestly looking back at it now I can admit that I was stressing way too much about it! I’m not saying that you shouldn’t stress at all but try avoiding even dreaming about it. Yes I had nightmares in which I was writing my dissertation. Here are some tips for you all who are about to start the final year at uni and get all dissertation crazy.

  1. Start your research early – it’s good to have some quotes prepared before you sit down and start writing. Don’t put anything till last minute. I started doing the research for the dissertation during the summer so I had enough time to go through as many books as I wanted to and not stress about the time restriction.
  2. Always have a plan B! – you never know if your first topic idea is going to work out. Think what else you can write about and how your research can help you with other issues that interest you. Don’t limit yourself to just one idea!
  3. You can always change the title – so you don’t have to freak out the moment your dissertation takes a huge turn and stops fitting in with the original title. It’s not set and stone, title is the only thing you can change even ten minutes before the deadline!
  4. Address any of the issues and difficulties you’re experiencing with your supervisor – they’re there to help you out and make writing the dissertation easier. Therefore, communication is the key! If you don’t tell them about problems you’re experiencing during the course of writing they won;t be able to help you so you would only make it harder for yourself.
  5. It’s not the end of the world if you end up hating what you write about – as a writing student I can honestly admit that I hate most of my finished work because I’ve spent so much time on it that I just don’t feel like looking at it, rereading it and editing. I just want to get it done. And – it’s completely fine to feel that way.
  6. Read the grade guidelines – this way you’ll know exactly what is expected of you and it can really help your writing. Don’t just write what you feel like writing. Make a list of points you want to make and check what fits in with which point in the guidelines.

Overall my main advice is – don’t stress out. It’s going to be all good as long as you;re writing about something you’re really passionate about. The topic may seem not to be as serious as it should be at first (take it from me I was writing about fashion bloggers) but it’s not about the seriousness of the issue presented in your work. It’s only about your work and research! If you like the topic you’re writing about nothing can go wrong!

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