My degree is trying to kill me

Yet another story that none of you asked for but you got it anyways is up.

I have been incredibly busy for the past couple of weeks and trust me when I say that being a journalism and creative writing student is sometimes the biggest pain in my ass. What is my problem you may ask – well here you go, honey, – I’m a perfectionist so hearing that I have to complete my dissertation within next four months and also there is the final major project to be submitted by the beginning of May and other smaller deadlines along the way – well this is stressing me out.

It’s not just because there is so much to do in such a short time, it’s also about the fact that I work a lot. Yes, I know, I know I should just quit my job and focus on my degree because that’s the most important thing at the moment. Well, I really got used to the entire eating and drinking and renting a room thing I have going on and, just so you know, to do all those things you do need money. Therefore, quitting is not an option. On top of that I actually really like my job even though it takes a lot of my free time.

So, I’m trying to do my best at everything going on right now and it’s pretty tough. I rarely do get enough sleep, which usually is just on me since I refuse to go to bed before midnight and having to choose between socialisation and sleep I usually choose the first option. And then cry and cry and cry the next morning because I’m tired as hell.

Where am I going with this post – I don’t know anymore. The only thing I want to ask you is not to make fun of your fellow art students because their course is actually not just shits and giggles so please – be nice to us, give us hugs and food and then leave us alone because we have to work on our projects with not enough time on our hands and eyes slowly tearing up.

Also – you might have noticed that already BUT – look at the great change in the page design! I am so so so proud of how the page looks like now and I feel like leaving it like that for a while. We will see how it goes.

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