Insatiable – 13 episodes of fat-shaming

I was supposed to do the one whole rebranding for the sake of my uni project but listen up kids, teens, adults – I am much triggered. Legit, I’m not joking, there’s something going on with ‘great ideas’ of our friendly website and I’m not a fan. Actually, I’m super angry that someone even thought about making such a crap tv show and spent their time and money on something that in result may trigger eating disorders and make girls feel unworthy because of their body image. This shit needs to stop and well – get in for a rant. Thanks.

On July 10 Netflix released the trailer for their new series Insatiable. The series is described as a dark comedy so referring to the definition of that genre it should portray a subject that generally is considered a taboo, serious or painful to discuss in a light way, explore an issue and provoke discomfort, serious thoughts as well as amusement in their audience. Let me tell you something – for now, there is nothing that I would consider amusing after watching the trailer.

Insatiable’s plot is focused on a girl named Patty or as her classmates call her – Fatty Patty. This high school teen was bullied because of her weight and she decides to get a revenge on her former bullies by not eating (okay yeah she was punched by one of her bullies, had her jaw wired shit so because of that she physically couldn’t eat = got skinny = and according to the show became a better version of herself), she loses weight and therefore we moved to the topic of glorifying just one specific body type. As a person who knows way too well what body dysmorphia, eating disorders and anxiety mean I don’t understand who in their right state of mind would assume that it’s okay to release a tv show for teens that fat-shames and shows that you can be successful only if you are skinny enough. Glorification of one specific body type is wrong and no one should be told that because of their figure they can’t achieve as much as people who are thinner than them.

Several people who took part in creating the fat-shaming show stated that everyone saying out loud that it shouldn’t be realised because… come on being skinny=success and general life fulfilment?! didn’t get the point of the plot of the show. Apparently, it is supposed to address the damage that occurs from fat shaming – unfortunately I can’t possibly see that point being made in the trailer. All I can see is promoting the false belief that being conventionally attractive as a woman will help you being likeable and successful which is just a whole lot of bullshit. We don’t need any more negativity and body shaming as it is already so widely spread even though there are lots of amazing people fighting the stigma and shifting the false conventions. If shit like that keeps being made and released then how can we make any kind of change? We need to stop accepting all these toxic narratives and start challenging them. There is a petition going on to stop the release of Insatiable – I’ll link it by the end of the post. Netflix urged to cancel the show but the release is still not cancelled even though apart from perpetuating the toxicity of the diet culture it also perpetuates the objectification of women’s bodies. Our worth does not equal our weight and people who were working on this show clearly don’t get that. Netflix and the creators of the Insatiable should apologise for triggering people with eating disorders and causing people who have recovered to relapse after watching the trailer. Seriously if the trailer can cause so much controversy I can’t even imagine what can happen after the show is being released. Of course, if it’s going to be released I’m going to watch it so that I can shit on it and the stupid fat-shaming plot on every single social media that exists. Recovering from eating disorders takes time and a lot of effort, people who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder go through a lot of work to realise that they are beautiful and their weight does not make them any more or any less worthy. If someone wants to change something about their body because that is what they want to do and are not pressured to fit in the beauty standards which our society set for people – that’s okay. But shows like that are not helping people who feel pressured to change things about themselves, all that narratives like this one do is telling girls that if they don’t do what society tells them to, they won’t be accepted by others. Pure fucking bullshit. Hearing “I have my jaw wired shut so I couldn’t eat and now I’m hot” triggered me more than hearing Teresa May’s speeches and Donald Trump saying “maverick” (maybe not maybe I get equally triggered, nevermind). How can anyone think that it’s okay to 1 – create a show where the main character is bullied because of her looks and then she’s hot because she’s skinny 2 – put that fucking ‘jaw wired shut=skinny and hot’ line in any show/film/anywhere. Oh and by the way I’m also not a fan of putting Debby Ryan in a fat suit. For such a long time the narrative told young women that in order to be popular, have friends, appear attractive and desirable and to be a worthy human being in general, we have to be thin. What is wrong with people who still believe that to be true, who continue to spread that false opinion and therefore make girls feel uncomfortable in their bodies.

Netflix – try and think about the fuck you doing – if the trailer made people relapse their eating disorders the show can make even a bigger damage. The plot is outrageous. The story is tired and done-to-death. Also fat to thin does not mean happy within so hons go-ahead sign the petition.

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