Airport glow down

I haven’t been keeping up to date with posting lately but let me explain! You may notice slight changes when it comes to the content I’m going to ‘produce’/’post’. The main (and pretty much only) reason behind this change is my ‘great’ idea to explore the world of fashion bloggers from behind the scenes and what could be possibly better than becoming one of the subjects of my research? Probably many things but please bear with me on this journey of exploring fashion world by a broke student.

Welcome to MonycaAndStuff 1.1 – be ready for fashun posts with bad descriptions, useless advice, and crappy pictures. That’s how all the fashion bloggers started, isn’t it? Let us begin

watch – bought somewehere in Bangkok, don’t ask me where, I do not remember.


People do this thing when they get themselves a piece of paper with letters and barcodes on it just so that they could get on a giant metal flying thing and that would magically transport them somewhere else, preferably to the place they’ve picked (otherwise you call it being kidnapped). So around a week ago I did this thing as well and it was all cool and stuff till I had to wake up at 5 in the morning thinking “I don’t want to look the way I feel – shit”. How to dress when you know your day is going to consist of waiting, not sleeping, eating crappy food and sitting in one place for at least two hours? That’s pretty obvious. You should dress comfortably. But not too comfortable because you also want to look as if you’ve

Jacket – KappAhl

put the minimal amount of effort.

This great summer morning after downing two espressos  I chose a b

lack top from New Yorker, which you’re not able to spot on the pictures because I also put on a black hoodie from Primark which I bought over a year ago in a section created especially for me taking under consideration the name of it Basic. To give it a twist and get a tiny bit of extra ventilation I chose to wear black ripped jeans which I stole from my mother’s closet and I’m not willing to give them back, ever. In order to show how awfully displeased, I was with my life choices of picking the flight in the early morning I decided to wear socks with a p

Socks – Amazon ; Shoes – Dr. Martens

ositive message on them. Well pretty positive to me but you can have your own opinion. Plus a must – comfy Dr. Martens shoes. Thank god I didn’t spend a penny on them, otherwise, I’d have to eat grass for at least four months. To complete the look we’ve got a watch, a constant reminder that you could sleep but you can’t do that now, a bag to store everything you don’t need but you packed it anyways and a jacket so that  you don’t freeze when some bloke in front of you decides to put the AC on a maximum level because he’s a sweaty little bastard.

Oh yeah and a bag, don’t forget your other bag. Preferably it should be bigger than the first one so that you can nap on it. Sunglasses can come in handy as well so that you can try to hide the fact that you’re

Jeans – my mom’s closet ; Bag – Dr. Martens ; Hoodie – Primark

napping from the general tired public of the airport. But to be fair everyone is going to notice that you are in the state of temporary unconsciousness.

Sunglasses – Primark ; Jacket – KapphAl

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