How to deal with a writer’s block

There are some days when you look at a blank page of the paper and you have no idea what to write. Your head is empty and your insides scream for help, but awfully quiet though, because there’s no one who can hear their cry for help so you gotta deal with that on your own hun. Trust me, been there, done that. And almost ended with a depression because of starring at the laptop screen for way too long time. Everything would be way better if that didn’t happen right before my deadline… Sometimes it strucks you when you have no other choice but to write, in my case I just take an hour break when my head is spinning and letters just don’t want to form any well-structured sentence. What do I do with myself when I should write but I can’t seem to find any inspiration to finish even writing an instruction?

1. Go for a walk
Walk it off hun, just walk it off. Put your headphones on, turn off from the world and just observe it as if it was a movie, go to a park, forest, coffee shop. Take an hour to look at others, you may take your notebook/sketchbook with you so that if something comes up to your mind you can write it down. Look at others and describe them, think about what they might do for a living, what’s their relationship status, maybe they are seriously ill or there’s something great ahead?

2. Read something
There’s no better cure for a writer’s block than reading something written by others. Think about their style, usage of vocabulary, analyze the plot, character development and you’ll get inspired in no time!

3. Watch a movie
Again – analyze the plot, think about character development, take a not of what works and what doesn’t in the movie. What you would o differently if you were the screenwriter. Or just turn yourself off, let yourself just watch it and 1not think about anything else.

4. Draw
It doesn’t even matter if you can or cannot draw. Just sit down, take your pencils and draw what’s going on in your head. Not only it’s a purifying experience, but also your own art may inspire your writing. Art is born of art so what are you waiting for? Sketch something!

5. Take a power-nap
Sleep is the right cure for everything, isn’t it? If I’m wrong then my entire life is a lie.

6. Eat something
Not just anything but something that you really crave. Your happy neutrons will go crazy and maybe that will be the beginning of creating something extraordinary?

But the most important tip is – don’t give up. There are ups and downs but if you keep on writing, keep on going you’ll get there. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, but it’s not about time (if you’re not facing a scary deadline looming in front oof your eyes, which obviously doesn’t help at all) it’s about the quality of the work. Writing is a form of art, therefore, it takes time to create stuff. No great thing was made in the span of a few minutes.

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