News story – Goldilocks as a girl on drugs

As we do more and more fun stuff during our classes I decided to post some of my works on the blog. Here comes the news story based on the fairytale about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Hope you’ll enjoy this little news twist!

Girl on drugs broke into a house

The young girl from Berlin, Germany, broke into the house of her neighbors a few nights ago. On 20th of October during Bruners’ absence, she broke the doors to get into the house. The family lives near the local forest so the girl managed to escape unnoticed by their neighbors quickly hiding in the woods when the family came back.

After the investigation, the police assumed that nothing was stolen from the Bruners’ house, but multiple things are destroyed. “She broke most of the plates and cups. Managed to destroy a very old, antique chair which was worth around $1820.” Said the police officer investigating the matter. “The girl also broke one bed, shower, sink, four windows and the main doors. The whole loss is estimated to be around $25000.”

Probably the girl was after the high dose of psychedelic drugs as when she saw Bruners’ coming to the bedroom she grabbed a mop and tried to hit the Bart Bruner. “I did not know what was going on. She jumped out of the bed screaming something about bears, wild forest creatures and that she doesn’t want to die.” Said Bart Bruner during one of the police interviews.

The girl moved into small flat nearby Bruners’ together with her boyfriend. They have been living on the Victoria StraBe for two weeks and since then the police had been at their place for over ten times as the neighbors were complaining about the noise and rude behavior. A week ago before breaking into Bruners’ house local police found five grams of cocaine, two grams of weed and eleven pills of MDMA at the place where the girl, introducing herself as Goldilocks, lives.

Thanks to the CTV cameras and support of the local neighbors the police managed to catch Goldilocks and now they are still looking for her boyfriend who managed to escape. Local hospital did test if she was on drugs during the misfortunate event. That night she in her blood was the high dose of LSD, heroin and probably also other psychedelics, but the sample of her blood is still being tested. The girl is in the arrest waiting for a trial.

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