The modeling industry – hated or beloved?

It is well known that more people will start to admire you after this simple sentence “I am a model”. They start to see you in a brighter light, you seem to be taller, prettier, skinnier. On the other hand there will be more than hundreads of people looking at you thinking that you became dumb, starving yourself, not thinking about anything else despite being skinny. If you are travelling all around Asia they will judge you or be jealous of the places that you had a chance to live in. When you will work in Europe they will think of you as if you were a celebrity, the dumb one that will shave the eyebrows one day. Going to the USA will be the ground-breaking point, after this you start to be the top model, probably doing drugs, a heavy drinker, and someone who will never talk to you because apart from being aloof you will also hear that you started to be self-important. Also you will have more and more friends admiring what you do, craving your life not really knowing it. People who will stay by your side after your 3 months of absence in the city, not judging you, not thinking that you changed, just keeping it casual, they are the one to keep in touch with, they are your real friends and try not to loose them. Which will be hard because of all the time you spend abroad. It is tiring having to make a special selection of friends and trying to know if they like you for who you are or they like the image of you, which is not fake. You are like an actress, not being fake, but it is not you. Pretending, playing, that is what models do. It is not true what people think of us, how the see us. I am a model for over 3 years right now and I can honestly say that I changed, that is the one point where people are right about, but not in the way they think I did.

I became more mature, independent woman. I am not a scared of life teenager. I know what I want and I am willing to do anything to get it. I take care of the loved ones how much I can and I try to show my love every single day realizing how fast time flies. It does bother me when people are surprised hearing me saying that I am not planning to be a model my whole life. They are looking at me as if they wanted to say “so what are you going to do then? do you even know how real life looks like?”. I feel that people judge me. Everyday. It is not normal for them that a model can be also smart, that models are fit, not anorexic, we eat, party, read, study, travel, work, all at the same time.

I have never met in my life more positive, open minded, wise, helpful, friendly and honest people. Every single contract is an amazing journey on which I meet people that later I am happy to call my second family. I love them, care about them. They know about me more than I know about myself. We cry, laugh, eat, sleep, drink, live and sometimes even breath together. Every single one of them is special, different. And not to make it a sad story about how much I miss each of you guys out there let me say one thing. Models do not live at 5 star apartments, we do not eat lobsters every day, we do not have any slaves there who do everything for us, we are not super stars. We are ordinary humans earning for a living (not enough tho) shooting 12 hours per day, walking on catwalks and wearing fancy stuff. This is what we do.

I have heared lately a lot of complaints that modeling industry is fake, stiff and that it is producing young anorexic girls. Well. Yes it is fake, but who would want to buy a skirt that doesn’t look good on the advertisement? All of you who silently said “me” – you are hypocrits, just take a look at your idols, movie stars that you like and your latest purchase. You do buy what looks good, everything what looks good sells itself even better. So shut up. That is the truth. Modeling industry has striff regulations, but it would not be so craved by thousands of people if it would not be strict.
You do not want to be a checkout assistant, because everyone can do this job, but to be a model you have to be tall (girls min. 170cm, guys min. 180cm) and skinny (for girls the highest range of measurements is 90-60-90, and the agency will probably tell you to loose weight). Deal with it. It is not a fairytale. It is a job. You have to do what they say, look as they want you to, smile, strike a pose, work till late hours, come back home, sleep, wake up early and work again. Why? Because people need someone to look up to.

We crave food, clothes, fit body, pretty face, money, perfect family, career. This is how the world is constructed and that is why such occupation as models and actors exist. We are like a products. You see us wanting to live our life. In order to achieve this you start to improve yourself. Becoming better and better everyday. Studying, working out, taking care of everything. You start living the life you wanted at the same time when we are standing on the backstage hoping that job will be done earlier than usually, sweating in the cute pijama you bought yeasterday, trying to smile jumping in too small shoes, walking 15km from work to home because once again we runned out of money, falling asleep in the make up, because we forgot that we had to take it off, missing our family and hoping that tommorow we will finnish early enough to talk on skype with someone. But in the end we love what we do and this is the one thing that connects us and make each of us  feel like at home miles away from it. Modeling is a beautiful job showing you how much you are able to handle, how smart, beautiful and independent person you are. But it is neither nice nor easy to do.

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