Responsibility to developing nations

  In the so called developed world, namely the northern hemisphere, we must ask ourselves how we got to the living standards that today we take for granted. If we want to see the whole procedure of forming the world that we live in, we need to analyse its’ historical background.
           Countries of Europe started to form their position in the world during ancient times. Romes as well as Greeks carried out a process of colonisation. They captured distant places and exploited the minerals that were available there. Colonies were important for countries in Europe because those distant parts of the world had minerals that weren’t known in our part of the globe. Because of the exploitation of colonies, cheap work was needed and this is the beginning of slavery.
           The northern hemisphere used coloniest and goods which were found on those lands. Europe didn’t think about giving, for example Africa, even a small opportunity of self-developement. Each action was subordinated to the needs of the empires. Now, so called developed world has responsibility to help the developing nations to grow in power and start to improve peoples living standards. But how can we help the developing nations?
           We hear about many charities and organizations helping Africa or Asia, but do they take care of matters that are really important? In my opinion, not exactly. Many charities are sending priests and money to the countries that need help, but not much informations about health care or medical support is being heared. More cures, doctors and teachers would improve standards of living in Africa or Asia. We need to take under consideration what do those developing countries really need and stop sending them what we think will be good for them.
           Everyone can help the developing nations to grow and become more independent. We need to stop racism and intolerance, show our support by donating some money to special charity or even go to Africa with some organisation! Everything is possible if we stay open minded and if we want to help. Mabye, if everyone would join helping developing nations they would grow and evaluate faster.

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